Watch Brendan Gleeson Shred on a Skateboard Throughout SNL's Studio

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Watch Brendan Gleeson Shred on a Skateboard Throughout <i>SNL</i>'s Studio

Brendan Gleeson is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and instead of the typical promos that involve the host and musical guest standing next to one or two cast members and reciting some patter, the show has gone in a more specific direction with its ads. If you’ve ever wanted to see the 67-year-old acting champ from Ireland shredding like he’s in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, now’s your chance.

We realize this is very close to “rappin’ granny” territory, here. Gleeson is older, bigger, and a way better dramatic actor than you typically expect from a skateboarder, and that incongruity is where a lot of the humor is supposed to come from. That’s not what makes this funny, though. It works because of Gleeson’s commitment to the bit. There’s no mugging or cheekiness here; he delivers lines like “Oh, we were shreddin’ it” and “I’m so sick of these posers” with total conviction, as if he’s just shooting the shit with his shredhead pals instead of doing a bit for a TV show. And with the fisheye lens and generic pop-punk soundtrack, it all looks like it really could be from a late ‘90s X Games broadcast.

If you want to see Gleeson turn a fairly hackneyed idea into something actually kind of funny, check out the video below. He hosts SNL this Saturday alongside musical guest Willow.

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