David S. Pumpkins Makes the Scariest Horror Movies Even Scarier

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David S. Pumpkins has taken over. The Tom Hanks character, introduced during last week’s Saturday Night Live, has become an online sensation. The incredibly strange character has now been inserted into all of your favorite horror films by Buzzfeed’s Jesse McLaren, because The Ring wasn’t scary enough already.

McLaren’s video finds Pumpkins showing up in The Shining, Scream and several other terrifying films. Pumpkins is apparently an incredibly popular Halloween costume, as his distinctive suit sold out almost immediately the episode aired.

Pumpkins was just one of several strong sketches in a very strong SNL episode. Everything from the cold open to Black Jeopardy worked to hilarious effect, and proved yet again how good Tom Hanks is at hosting SNL.

You can check out Pumpkins’ original appearance here, or watch him insert himself into all of your favorite horror films below.

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