Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Today's Top 10

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Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Today's Top 10

Netflix has been notoriously stingy with its data. Even directors and showrunners have had a hard time gauging if what they’d put out into the world was reaching its intended audience. With the advent of the Netflix Top 10, though, we can now get at least one little peek behind the curtain. The list of Netflix’s daily Top 10 Most Popular indicates an omnivorous appetite among the Netflix faithful, from reality shows to prestige TV, animated kids shows to docu-series of every stripe. Here are the entries for Jan. 30, 2023, of the five most popular TV shows and five most popular movies on Netflix.

TV Series

1. Ginny & Georgia

Years: 2022-2023
Creator: Sarah Lampert
Stars: Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Diesel La Torraca, Jennifer Robertson, Felix Mallard, Sara Waisglass
Genre: Drama
Rating: TV-14

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At first glance, Ginny & Georgia is just another show that got a second season off the back of a viral moment. After the show’s “Oppression Olympics” scene made the rounds on Twitter, the show was renewed, but underneath that horrible (for reasons within the show and outside of it) scene, Ginny & Georgia is full of well-written, complex characters. For all of the things that the first season mishandled, the second season has been a chance to right those wrongs. In truth, Ginny & Georgia might be the best that the newest generation of teen dramas has to offer. The moments that make you yell at your screen because you can’t believe they made them all the way past the cutting room floor are perfectly balanced with the emotional center of the series and the trauma it showcases, and this season manages to be even better than the last. In the age of Riverdale giving us a musical episode every other week with almost no substance to back things up, a solid, intricate story that is ultimately about a mother and daughter trying to survive all that life throws at them is all we can ask for and more—and there will hopefully be more to come. —Kathryn Porter

2. Lookwood & Co.

Year: 2023
Creator: Joe Cornish
Stars: Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji-Heshmati
Genre: Supernatural, fantasy
Rating: TV-14

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With approximately 1 million recent TV series populated with teens fighting supernatural baddies, how do you choose which ones are worth your while? Well, you might start with one developed by the writer and director of 2011 indie sci-fi comedy Attack the Block. Joe Cornish adapted the new Netflix original Lockwood & Co. from Jonathan Stroud’s YA novels about a psychic detection agency in an alternate London where ghosts run amok and only certain young people can fight them. Ruby Stokes plays Lucy Carlyle, a talented runaway ghost-hunter who finds her place at a newly established—and adult-free—outfit run by the posh upstart Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and his socially challenged friend George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati). The show is better written and more original than the vast majority of series trying to carry the mantle of Buffy into the streaming era. —Josh Jackson

3. The Snow Girl

Year: 2023
Creators: Javier Castillo, Jesús Mesas, Javier Andrés Roig
Stars: Milena Smit, José Coronado, Aixa Villagrán, Tristán Ulloa
Loreto MauleónGenre: Thriller
Rating: TV-MA

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A young journalist is determined to the help the family of a young girl when she goes missing during a parade in Málaga in this six-part Spanish thriller based on the novel La chica de nieve by Javier Castillo.

4. New Amsterdam

Years: 2018-
Creator: David Schulner
Stars: Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Freema Agyeman, Jocko Sims, Tyler Labine, Anupam Kher
Genre: Medical drama
Rating: TV-14

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“How can I help?” When New Amsterdam, NBC’s break-the-system medical drama, first premiered as part of the network’s Fall 2018 prime-time slate, this simple question was repeated often and with unflagging sincerity by Ryan Eggold’s pot-stirring Medical Director. And yet, as anyone who’s watched the series grow into itself over the past two years might tell you, Dr. Max Goodwin’s How can I help? has evolved from the kind of cheesy catchphrase my fellow critics derided as prime-time pabulum, to the kind of bullishly anti-cynical mission statement it’s hard not to find inspiring—not least coming from a blockbuster broadcast medical drama. Because here’s the thing: As many unbelievably sweeping, pie-in-the-medical-sky changes as Max seems to make at New Amsterdam in those first few episodes, the systemic injustices and bureaucratic nightmares baked into American healthcare are so deeply rooted that even a white savior complex as well-meaning and robust as Max’s has proven not nearly enough to dismantle it all in one go. Or two. Or three. Or a hundred. That’s okay. With more than 40 episodes already available for new viewers to catch up on—and with the likelihood that many of those same viewers will find themselves caught up in the shards of America’s broken healthcare system, the longer both the pandemic and current historic rates of unemployment persist—there’s more than enough of Dr. Max Goodwin’s brand of break-the-system fantasy not just to hold us for the moment, but to inspire more of us to turn to our communities and take up the metronomic refrain, How can I help?Alexis Gunderson

5. That ’90s Show

Year: 2023
Creators: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Lindsey Turner, Gregg Mettler
Stars: Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Callie Haverda, Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Reyn Doi, Sam Morelos, Maxwell Acee Donovan
Genre: Sitcom
Rating: TV-14

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The world of That ’70s Show returns in Netflix’s grunge-era revival That ’90s Show, which picks up with the children of OG fan favorites and brings the action back to the tried and true basement of Red and Kitty Forman for a whole new generation of misspent youth. It’s a series about the fleetingness of summer, and of youth, and (these days) Netflix shows in general. It’s also a lot of fun, especially for fans of That ’70s Show. It’s the same type of silly, goofy, heartfelt and funny as the old show—with just enough newness to make you glad Netflix brought the franchise back for a few more “BURNS!” and love triangles. It doesn’t try to reinvent the sitcom, or even improve it. It’s the TV equivalent of putting on a comfortable pair of sweat pants, and trading your Led Zeppelin shirt in for a Pearl Jam hoodie. But sometimes? That’s more than enough. —Trent Moore


1. You People

Year: 2022
Director: Kenya Barris
Stars: Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nia Long, David Duchovny, Molly Gordon, Sam Jay
Genre: Comedy
Rating: R

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Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill), the hopeless romantic co-host of a podcast about Black culture, spends his days wondering when it’s his turn to find love. He has nearly given up on this pursuit when, lo and behold, Amira (Lauren London), a beautiful Black fashion designer, falls seemingly straight from heaven and into his life. The young lovebirds proceed to fall head over heels for one another, and their budding relationship might as well have been snagged straight out of a fairytale—that is, until Ezra decides to pop the question, and seeks to secure the approval of Amira’s parents. Of course, this noble quest proves to be anything but smooth. Ezra quickly clashes with Amira’s parents: Stern, devout Muslims Akbar (Eddie Murphy) and Fatima (Nia Long). And from painfully awkward family dinners to one particularly difficult to watch bachelorette party, hilarity swiftly ensues. Director Kenya Barris, who co-wrote the script, injects an energetic, kinetic flavor into the film, shrewdly maintaining a buoyant energy through quick cuts and pump-up music that makes laughs come easily. But Hill steals the show. In his first leading comedic role since 2014’s 22 Jump Street, the actor wastes no time reminding the audience that he is the crème de la crème of his craft, rolling out laugh-out-loud joke after laugh-out-loud joke in the film’s opening scene like he could do it in his sleep. Similarly, London shines as the free-spirited, uncompromising Amira, but the chemistry between her and Hill leaves something to be desired. Despite being overly didactic, however, You People produces enough laughs to remain a compelling watch through the end, and, perhaps most exciting of all, suggests that a Jonah Hill comedic renaissance may be on the horizon. —Aurora Amidon

2. Narvik

Year: 2022
Director: Erik Skjoldbjaerg
Stars: Kristine Hartgen, Carl Martin Eggesbø, Christoph Gelfert Mathiesen, Henrik Mestad
Genre: War drama
Rating: PG-13

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Narvik is a tiny port town in Norway and the site of one of the first major losses by Hitler’s army in World War II. The new Netflix film Narvik is set around the time of that battle, when one Norwegian soldier “returns home and learns a shocking truth about his wife.”

3. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Year: 2022
Director: Rian Johnson
Stars: Daniel Craig, Janelle Monae, Ed Norton, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline
Genre: Mystery
Rating: PG-13

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In Rian Johnson’s latest Knives Out mystery, the Glass Onion is as much a metaphor for the nature of the whodunit as it is for the grandeur of the film itself. Resting upon a gorgeous Greek villa (on a billionaire’s private island, no less), the titular emblem is created through a combination of VFX and a practical structure that stands a mighty 20 meters high. Made in the U.K. from all-glass paneling, the Onion’s design was so intricate that it had to be assembled in its birthplace first to ensure that all its pieces fit together, disassembled entirely for its journey to a Serbian studio and then reassembled for the film. This extravagance perfuses beyond budget and set design to inform key elements of the overall work—most notably, its characters, sense of humor and roller coaster narrative. In Glass Onion, everything is more. More jokes. More self-reflexivity. More twists and turns. And, undeniably, more fun. Peeling back the layers of this campy mystery is none other than Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), “The Last of the Gentlemen Sleuths.” He opens a mixed bag of eccentric personalities, including unfiltered fashion designer Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson), Connecticut governor Claire Debella (Kathryn Hahn), mysterious scientist Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.), men’s rights influencer Duke Cody (Dave Bautista), wealthy entrepreneur Miles Bron (Edward Norton) and Andi Brand (Janelle Monáe), his estranged business partner. This absurdly delightful cast and gags are accompanied by a narrative that mirrors their chaos and lightheartedness. Where Knives Out is a straight whodunit, this second installment is more of an adoring parody of the subgenre. From recurring jokes about Clue to the utilization of famous novella tropes, the film dives headfirst into all things murder-mystery. It has multiple puzzles layered onto each other to create a viewing experience jam-packed with revelations and shocks—hence its overarching onion metaphor. Glass Onion is the kind of crowd-pleasing entertainment that is best experienced in a group setting, where the film’s topsy-turvy take on the whodunit is sure to keep you guessing (and laughing).—Kathy Michelle Chacón

4. Sing 2

Year: 2021
Director: Garth Jennings
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Bono
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Rating: PG

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Bono joins the Sing franchise in its second feature film, portraying Buster Moon, a global-rock-icon-turned-recluse who happens to also be a lion. Matthew McConaughey returns as the ambitious manager who must coax Buster out of retirement in order to save his outfit of would-be stars (played by an array of actual stars—the film’s cast also includes Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Bobby Cannavale, Tori Kelly, Nick Kroll, Pharrell Williams, Halsey, Nick Offerman, Chelsea Peretti, Letitia Wright and Eric André). Garth Jennings, who directed the delightful indie film Son of Rambow, helms this sequel, which has won over two-thirds of the critics on Rotten Tomatoes and 98% of audiences.

5. Trolls

Year: 2016
Directors: Walt Dohrn, Mike Mitchell
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Russell Brand, James Corden, Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar
Genre: Animation, Musical
Rating: PG

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Justin Timberlake served as executive music producer, wrote and performed songs for the soundtrack of DreamWorks Animation’s comedy Trolls, which also featured him starring alongside Anna Kendrick. The movie, based on Thomas Dam’s iconic, wacky-haired dolls, tells the story of Princess Poppy (Kendrick) and Branch (Timberlake) on an adventure saving their fellow trolls from the much larger and always-hungry Bergens. —Zach Blumenfeld