Unraveling the Enigma: The Mysterious Circle in the Swamps of Argentina
Unraveling the Enigma: The Mysterious Circle in the Swamps of Argentina
Discover the captivating secrets of a mysterious circle nestled within the swamps of Argentina. Initially mistaken for a scanning error, this perfectly round island surrounded by smooth shores has piqued the curiosity of scientists and ufologists alike. Join Richard Petroni and his team as they embark on an expedition to unlock the mysteries of the floating island and delve into its fascinating origins.

Mysterious Circle in the Swamps of Argentina

An intriguing discovery has been made in the swamps of Argentina—a mysterious object that was initially identified on Google Maps. At first, it was believed to be a scanning error, but further investigation revealed that the island actually exists.

The lake where the object is located boasts pristine, smooth shores that form a clearly defined circle. Additionally, a massive floating island occupies about 4/5 of the lake's surface, mirroring the perfect round shape of the lake itself. The island constantly moves in relation to the shores, creating a crescent-shaped appearance for the water.

The person who stumbled upon this enigmatic find is Richard Petroni, an American hydraulic engineer. Intrigued by the discovery, he contacted his colleagues Sergio Nespilerm and Pablo Martinez, who also shared his interest. Together, they embarked on an expedition to unravel the mysteries of this fascinating place.

You can witness this unusual island yourself by visiting Google Maps and entering the coordinates 34°15’07.8?S 58°49’47.4?W in satellite mode.

Situated in the delta of the swampy Parana River in Argentina, the island earned the name "Eye." It has a diameter of 118 meters and rests on a slightly larger water surface. Interestingly, local residents have long been aware of the island's existence. However, they avoid approaching it, believing that an ancient deity resides there.

Upon examining Google Maps archives, Petroni discovered that the island has been present since 2003 when the satellite imaging service was launched. He noticed that the island rotates and changes position over time. Buoyed by these findings, Petroni is currently organizing a third expedition with the intention of studying the Eye more comprehensively. Equipped with specialized geological equipment, the team also welcomes donations. For $5,000, you can be the first to obtain the latest details about the island, while a $10,000 contribution grants you the opportunity to personally explore this mysterious place in Argentina.

Interestingly, ufologists propose that further scientific investigation might be unnecessary. They are convinced that the island is either the hatch cover of a spaceship or the entrance to a hidden underwater alien base.

The initial expedition fell short, unable to reach the lake's round shape as they became mired in the swampy surroundings. However, their second attempt yielded success.

"We found the water to be incredibly clear and cold, which is very unusual for the area. The bottom is hard, unlike the surrounding swamps. The island in the center of the lake is moving. We don’t know why, but it floats," the expedition's director revealed.

To unravel the lake's secrets, the film crew plans to return with a scientific expedition, which includes geologists, biologists, ufologists, equipped with scuba gear, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other equipment to analyze water, soil, and plants. Furthermore, they intend to create a film based on the supernatural stories shared by locals about this fascinating place.

Despite our extensive knowledge of human history, countless questions remain unanswered. Archaeological excavations frequently yield perplexing artifacts, leaving researchers intrigued and fueling the quest for truth.

This circular Argentine island bears resemblance to the round ice islands that form on water bodies during winter. These ice circles, a more common natural phenomenon, rotate and can reach considerable diameters. Their appearance remains unexplained, with hypotheses suggesting the formation is related to ring-shaped currents or whirlpools created by currents.

Being located in a swampy river delta, it is possible that the Argentine "Eye" was shaped by hidden underwater currents. There is also speculation that these mysterious formations, be it icy round islands or the "Eye," may be influenced by even more enigmatic forces similar to those that create crop circles, also known as English circles.

The upcoming expedition to the enigmatic island in Argentina holds promise in shedding light on these mysteries.




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