Mind-Blowing Giant Creatures: From Whale Heads to Bison Kings! | The Clip Funny
Mind-Blowing Giant Creatures: From Whale Heads to Bison Kings! | The Clip Funny
Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing wonders of nature! Watch the mind-blowing video showcasing the bone structure of a whale's head that looks alm...

1. Mind-Blowing Giant Creatures: From Whale Heads to Bison Kings! | The Clip Funny

Animals Larger Than You Can Imagine

We often hear about gigantic animals that once roamed the Earth, but it's challenging to truly envision their size compared to a human. Some of these creatures weighed several tons and could easily crush a human with a single step. From horses to whales, let's explore and gain a better perspective of the animal kingdom today.

Clydesdale Horse Compared to Humans

Clydesdale horses belong to the largest horse breeds and are famously known as the mascots of Budweiser beer. Despite their immense size, they are gentle animals that can be easily trained.

However, they are not the largest breed out there. The Shire horse holds that title, resembling the Clydesdale but on a grander scale. These majestic horses are mostly found in England and are easily distinguishable.

A Full-Grown Snapping Turtle

You might have seen a snapping turtle before, perhaps in lakes or ponds. Typically, we assume that the ones we encounter are fully grown, but that's far from the truth.

Even small specimens of snapping turtles have a remarkably strong bite, justifying their name. While there are no records of human fatalities from a snapping turtle bite, it's better not to test their jaw strength.

Megachiroptera (Fruit Bats)

Most people rarely encounter a Megachiroptera, so we have limited knowledge of their true size. They might look intimidating, and seeing them fly in the sky could easily be mistaken for a large bird.

Nevertheless, this woman seems fearless. Wonder if these creatures can be domesticated? There are 167 different species within this animal genus, and they bear a striking resemblance to one another.

The World's Oldest and Largest Wombat

Meet Patrick, the oldest and largest wombat. An average wombat typically lives for around 15 years, but Patrick defied the odds and lived for a remarkable 32 years – twice the expected lifespan. He also weighed a whopping 88 pounds.

These fluffy creatures are native to Australia, and Patrick was particularly beloved. He spent most of his life at the Ballarat Wildlife Park before passing away in 2017. He looked like a gigantic baby, and the park's staff deeply misses him.

The Largest Salamander and Amphibian

If you have regular nightmares about animals, this one might join your list. The gigantic Chinese Salamander holds the title for the world's largest amphibian and sometimes emits a peppery smell. Moreover, they can mimic the sounds of a small child.

These salamanders are critically endangered and require protection. The aquatic amphibians prefer living in rocky streams and seem adept at blending into their environment.

An African Land Snail

If you spot one of these creatures sliding by, it might give you a scare. However, these snails are harmless, though they do resemble something out of an alien film. Land snails continue to grow throughout their lives and can live up to ten years.

Some people keep them as pets, but they are nothing like cute dogs or Gary from SpongeBob. Would you still consider having one as a pet?

Someone Is Hungry

All hands and feet must remain inside the boat during this trip, or else you might lose them to this crocodile. This particular crocodile has even lost one of its arms in a fight, but that doesn't mean its jaw isn't powerful.

Meet Brutus, the crocodile who once fought a shark and now assists in this boat tour. He once had a large branch stuck in his throat, but that doesn't stop him from showing up for the tourists.

Beware of Moose Crossing

In some parts of the world, encountering a moose might be a normal occurrence, like at a parking lot. But this scene would shock anyone not accustomed to these animals.

This gigantic moose is trying to position its antlers to avoid getting stuck in the tree. It must be challenging to be so large and constantly try not to bump into everything or get tangled up.

The Real Tiger King

The bottle beside this wild cat is particularly small for an animal of this size – it probably won't satisfy his hunger, and he might consider the human as a dessert. Siberian tigers are magnificent creatures with their black stripes and orange fur, but they are not to be underestimated.

Unfortunately, this tiger lives in captivity, or else it could grow even larger. Dangerous predators like tigers should ideally not be confined in cages, so they can reach their full potential.

The Full Potential of These Lungs

You can be sure that this animal hasn't been smoking. These lungs are enormous and belong to a horse, allowing it to cover long distances without getting tired. You'd never guess the size of this organ unless you see it before you.

We wonder what happened to the horse since the lungs seem to be in excellent health. It's truly a sight that one doesn't come across every day.

The Great Dane Is Bigger Than an Average Man

Great Danes are among the largest dog breeds. This gentle giant is adorable, loyal, and has a lot of love to give. When standing, they can be taller than a 6-foot-tall man, but that doesn't make them any less cute.

However, the only issue with Great Danes is that their size often leads to many health problems. As a result, they often need to undergo surgeries, which can be costly and involve a long healing process for the animals.

A Real River Monster

If you've ever heard of the series "River Monsters," you know that terrifying creatures await in the waters. This particular fish is a Goliath Tigerfish from the Congo River. The dangerous predator is known for attacking humans, and locals believe that an evil force enters the human body once bitten.

The fish's black teeth can grow up to 3 cm long – definitely not a creature you'd want to encounter.

A Chubby Caterpillar

We are not entirely sure about the exact species of this caterpillar, but it looks a bit chubby. It almost seems like it's carrying ladybugs on its head and giving them a free ride, but those are actually its own defense mechanisms.

After sufficient feeding, the caterpillar will eventually transform into a butterfly – and the bigger the caterpillar, the larger the butterfly it becomes. In this case, it must be a huge specimen.

A Real Sea Elephant!

Mianzo was a southern sea elephant that lived in the Enoshima Aquarium in Japan. He was big and playful and was even known for his blue bucket. He passed away in 2005 but was a very popular animal.

Sea elephants are so chubby because they need to stay warm in cold climates. They often lie on rocks to warm themselves, and during the mating season, it's better to stay out of their way as they can be quite aggressive.

The Great Hammerhead

Bats are mysterious creatures often associated with vampires. While being bitten by a bat won't turn you into a blood-sucking human, you might get rabies.

You certainly wouldn't want to be bitten by this creature. They are native to Africa and can grow up to 3 feet in size. They sing at twilight to attract females, and their name, "hammerhead," fits their appearance.

The Majestic Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is particularly known in the United States of America. This endangered species is majestic, and since they are rarely seen, people often don't realize how large they really are. Their wingspan ranges from 6 to 7 feet!

In the photo, a woman is releasing one of these eagles into the wild, which is fitting as the bald eagle is a symbol of freedom in America. The eagle can't wait to be free again, as you can see in the picture.

Better Not Mess with This Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles are among the most aggressive species of crocodiles on Earth. They can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh around 2 tons. Encountering this monstrous creature in the wild is not something you'd wish for.

In the photo, a person is approaching the giant safely inside a glass container, making sure not to become the crocodile's afternoon snack. It's evident from the picture just how gigantic the crocodile is compared to the person. Usually, these crocodiles blend into brownish waters.

A Bear Paw Can Kill You in Seconds

While everyone has a cute little teddy bear at home, it's a whole different story in the wild. This woman is showing us the real size of a bear paw. One wrong move, and it could cost you your life.

Bears need their long claws to climb trees and get food. They require a strong grip to avoid injuries. Besides, they are incredibly fast – something you wouldn't expect by just looking at them.

Whale Head

If you've never seen the remains of a whale before, you might be quite surprised. The bone structure of a whale's head almost looks like it could belong to an alien, but in reality, it is indeed a whale.

The largest whales on Earth are blue whales, and their tongue alone can weigh as much as a whole elephant. These creatures are friendly and harmless mammals, but their size is truly impressive, and one should still be cautious around their fins.

A Bison Head Weighing Hundreds of Pounds

In this photo, a man is seen taking a blood sample from a bison. The animal is being held firmly to prevent it from escaping. An average male bison weighs about 3000 pounds – that's quite hard to imagine!

The head alone is the size of a full-grown person, so you can imagine the rest of its body. These animals can easily crush a human under their weight, so caution is definitely advised.







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