Cesur, the Heartbroken Dog, Finds Comfort and Local Fame
Cesur, the Heartbroken Dog, Finds Comfort and Local Fame
Ali and Cesur's story of loss and healing captivates the community, as they navigate through grief together. Cesur's journey not only brings attention and support but also helps Ali find solace in their shared experience.

Dog Runs Away Daily, So Owner Secretly Follows Him

It is often said that dogs are man's best friends. However, Ali, who had just adopted a small dog from the animal shelter, was starting to doubt this statement.

His dog seemed to have nothing else on its mind but running away from him. There was no sign of gratitude for being rescued from the shelter. No sign of loyalty. But then he discovered the reason behind this behavior and tears of emotion filled his eyes.

Doing the Right Thing

Ali had always wanted a dog. At least, as far back as he could remember. As a young boy, he longed for a playmate to romp around the garden with.

As Ali grew older, he desired a dog to have as a companion and confidant, a friend, and even a companion. But one thing was always important to Ali.

Rescue From the Shelter

Ali would never simply go and buy a dog. He was determined to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. He knew how much it meant to the dog when he did that.

Even as a child, Ali had begun visiting animal shelters in his free time. He was always determined to give a poor creature a new, happy life.


When Ali finally had his own apartment and a stable job, he decided it was time to get a dog. He adopted Cesur from the local animal shelter.

Cesur was an especially loyal and affectionate little dog. What more could Ali want from a dog? But it wasn't until Ali brought his new friend home that Cesur showed him who he truly was.

The Perfect Dog?

During the first few days, it seemed like Cesur was the perfect match for Ali. It was as if all the troubles of his past had been left behind. He was happy to be part of his new family.

But soon, Cesur started doing something that greatly concerned Ali. His stomach began to twist into a knot as he worried about his dog's safety.

An Escape Artist

As reliable as a Swiss clock, Cesur caused worry and headaches for his master. When Ali was getting ready for work in the mornings, Cesur would simply escape through the front door of the house.

It all began on a particularly chaotic morning. Just as Ali opened the door to leave for work, Cesur squeezed himself through a tiny gap between Ali's leg and the door frame and happily trotted down the street, barking all the way.

What now?

Ali couldn't afford to chase after him. He had to get to work on time if he didn't want trouble with his boss. He had no choice but to let Cesur roam this morning.

But Ali couldn't feel as happy and carefree as Cesur, who happily trotted around a corner, completely disappearing. He was deeply worried.

Sick with Worry

That day, Ali found it incredibly difficult to concentrate on his work. Naturally, he was anxious about his little new companion and hoped that nothing would happen to him.

As fate would have it, Ali made some small mistakes at work that caught his boss's attention. Now, he was not only worried, but also stressed.

Counting the Minutes

On that day, Ali counted the minutes until his work was finally finished and he could go home. Where would he start searching now? Where could he print flyers?

But when he arrived home, Cesur was patiently waiting on the doormat in front of Ali's apartment. Ali felt relieved and overjoyed, although he wondered where Cesur had been all day.

Who's to Blame?

This question would continue to haunt Ali because Cesur would almost run away every day. Ali couldn't help but feel a little betrayed by Cesur because he would run away at every opportunity that presented itself.

Had he misjudged him? Ali was sure that Cesur's previous owner had never mentioned this problem. It had only started when Ali adopted Cesur from the animal shelter.

More Walks

Perhaps Cesur had too much energy and needed more walks? Ali promised himself that he would be a better owner to Cesur from now on. More exercise would be good for himself too.

From then on, Ali started taking Cesur for more regular and longer walks. He even taught Cesur to fetch when they were in the park. Even when Cesur got injured in the park, Ali nursed him back to health.

Every Day

However, Cesur continued to run away every day, driving Ali to despair. Maybe it was more of a trust issue, and it wasn't about lack of walks?

But Ali still didn't have the time or the patience to chase after his dog in the morning before work. He hoped that Cesur would soon trust him enough not to run away anymore.

No Change

A few weeks passed with the same result. Every day, Cesur wandered off somewhere, and Ali could only hope that he would adapt and calm down. But maybe there was an underlying issue that needed to be addressed?

If Ali wanted to address his dog's problem, he had to find out where Cesur went every day. He had to follow him. Ali was determined to do so out of sheer curiosity.

Life in the Small Town

Ali lived in a bustling small town called Bursa in northwest Turkey. It was a close-knit community, and Ali had lived there his whole life, so he knew everyone, and everyone knew him.

Fortunately, the community was there to support Ali with his recent problems concerning Cesur. But it seemed that there were others who were not so concerned about his well-being.

Report of Neglect

The animal control had visited Ali twice to check on Cesur. Apparently, someone had called and complained about how Ali treated his dog. Surely it was a neighbor who was annoyed by Cesur's barking.

Because Ali would never mistreat his companion. He explained this to the animal control, but they had something to tell him that made his stomach twist into a knot.

Explanation Required

The animal control workers warned him that dogs usually run away out of frustration and fear. They suspected that Ali had repeatedly mistreated poor Cesur.

But that was absolutely not the case in this situation. Ali had never done such a thing, and he would never do it! He knew that there had to be another explanation for Cesur's constant running away.

Shadowing Cesur

Frustrated, he closed the door behind the animal control workers and called his boss to tell him that he couldn't come to work tomorrow. Instead, he would find out exactly what Cesur was up to.

Ali would take the day off every morning! Until he found out where his furry friend went every day. The next day, Ali pretended to get ready for work as usual.

Sad Realization

Just like every day, Cesur ran out of the door beside Ali. But this time, Ali was ready and followed him on a path that Cesur was clearly familiar with. When Ali finally realized where his dog had been going every day for the past few weeks, he felt his heart shatter into a million pieces.

Ali kept his distance so that Cesur wouldn't notice him following. He wanted Cesur to act exactly as he had been for the past few weeks. Soon, he would learn more about Cesur's mysterious undertakings.

The Cemetery

Cesur walked five blocks, turned left, then right, and left again until Ali noticed something very sad. He now knew exactly where his dog went every day when he ran away.

Ali had followed Cesur to the cemetery and watched as Cesur stood by a specific grave. Ali couldn't believe it. His new companion was truly loyal and loving.

Never Leave His Side

Cesur had been running all the way to his deceased previous owner every day. He would sit for hours in front of the grave of 79-year-old Mehmet Ilhan. The two had the exact bond that Ali had been seeking.

Mehmet had passed away a few weeks ago. When his casket was brought home for the funeral preparations, Cesur never left his deceased owner's side for a minute.


Even when a procession formed to carry the casket to a local mosque, the dog refused to leave. Cesur insisted on leading the procession, and the other mourners followed him.

But they didn't yet realize the extent of his grief. During the funeral, Cesur sat at the foot of the casket, his head hanging in sadness, as if mourning. And so, Cesur remained the whole time.

Dog Grief

"No one could touch him until his former owner was laid to rest and buried," said Ali. Cesur silently watched as his former owner was laid to rest.

Although dogs don't cry like humans, they show genuine grief. When dogs are sad, they express their sorrow by whining, tucking their ears back, cowering, or refusing to make eye contact.


They also look as if they lack self-confidence. And when a dog whimpers, it tells you that it feels insecure and seeks reassurance from you. Cesur displayed most of the above behaviors.

It was evident that he was mourning. Although the little dog now lived at home with Ali, he still longed for Mehmet. Since the funeral, Cesur would run away every day, sprinting through the city to the gravesite to sit next to his old master.

Paying Respect

It wasn't until Ali followed him that he realized what the loyal little dog did every day. "The people who work at the cemetery say he visits his former owner's grave first thing in the morning," said Ali.

On that day, Ali and Cesur sat side by side, paying their respects together. But Ali had no idea that he was only scratching the surface of the grief Cesur felt.

Helping Him Grieve

Ali now knew more than ever that his new friend Cesur was an exceptionally noble and loyal dog, who had been a loving companion even in his previous owner's final years.

In return, Ali promised that the little dog wouldn't have to go through the future alone. "Cesur has always been a noble creature," said Ali. "He will live with me from now on." But how would Ali help ease his pain?

Not Enough

Ali fulfilled his promise to stay with Cesur and give him all the attention and love he needed, but it still wasn't enough to overcome the grief.

Cesur continued to show signs of sadness and visited the grave every day. When Ali noticed his decreased appetite, he grew worried and rushed to the vet for help.

Professional Help

When Ali took Cesur to the vet, news of his heartbreaking story had already spread in the local newspapers. The veterinarians recognized them and rushed to Ali and Cesur to offer their condolences.

Ali told the vet that Cesur hadn't been eating well and he feared he might starve himself into oblivion. The vet assured him that dogs' survival instincts are too strong to voluntarily starve themselves.

An Unexpected Proposal

But it was clear that Cesur was going through an emotional trauma. The veterinarians had a suggestion. They told Ali that Cesur might need more than just a human friend to get through this.

They asked Ali to find a companion for Cesur. The idea had never crossed Ali's mind before. But now it made sense. He wanted Cesur to be the playful puppy he once was.

A Strange Solution

And what better way to do that than to get another dog for Cesur to play with. But it didn't go as planned. Ali went home with Cesur and was greeted by his friends who had already made themselves comfortable in his backyard.

He had arranged a barbecue the week before and told them he would be late. He told his friends that he needed to get Cesur a companion but realized that his house didn't have enough space for two dogs.

The Beginning of Something New

That's when one of his friends offered him a strange solution. His friend had rescued a stray cat a few weeks ago and was planning to take her to the shelter. Suddenly, he wondered if Ali could just take her instead.

She was a beautiful gray and black striped cat, simultaneously calm and lively. The cat had grown on him and he wanted to give her to someone he knew would take good care of her.

Unlikely Playmates

Ali didn't need much convincing. A cat was the perfect addition to his little furry family. The cat, Tobi, was slowly introduced to Cesur, who immediately took a liking to her!

Tobi, on the other hand, was a bit more cautious. But it didn't take long for her to feel more at ease in Cesur's presence. Eventually, her playful side prevailed, and she started playing with Cesur.

Coming Back to Life

She would pounce on Cesur and obsessively try to catch his tail and nibble on his ear. It was an action that would make Cesur shake his head and playfully try to get her to stop.

Slowly but surely, Cesur started to light up again. He stopped crouching and whimpering and began to slowly regain his appetite. Meanwhile, something much, much bigger was happening.

Going Viral

Cesur's heartbreaking story of loss and despair went viral worldwide! Cesur became widely known as the latest heartbroken dog, reminiscent of Greyfriars Bobby.

Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier from Scotland who was famous for guarding his owner's grave for an incredible 14 years. They even created a statue in his honor.

A Lasting Story

The statue of Greyfriars Bobby, the Skye Terrier puppy who passed away in 1872, is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is still revered by the locals to this day.

His story is still known to the community. His tale of heartache and loyalty has even inspired a series of movies and books. And it seems like Cesur is following in his footsteps.

Local Recognition

When Ali and Cesur are out and about, they are constantly stopped by people asking about Cesur and how he's doing now. The cat, of course, stays at home.

At first, Ali found the situation bizarre, as he too experienced the same loss. But over time, he grew to love the care and attention Cesur received and felt that his father was somehow still living through him.

Cheers from the Neighborhood

As Ali and Cesur appeared on a series of talk shows to share their story, people couldn't help but pay attention. Often, people brought their dogs to play with Cesur, hoping to brighten his mood.

While their intention was to uplift Cesur, they all had one burning question they wanted to ask Ali. They inquired if he still visited the grave. Ali replied, "Although he is visibly much happier, there's one thing he's never forgotten after all this time."

Feeling the Support!

"He hasn't forgotten his previous owner, Mehmet." Cesur continues to make his way down to the cemetery and sits by his old friend. Just now, he is often accompanied by Ali and Tobi, the cat.

In retrospect, Cesur's grief also helped Ali overcome his own feelings of loss and sadness. Thanks to Cesur, Ali didn't feel alone in his grief, and they have been able to navigate through it together. One day at a time!








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