Shocking Workplace Betrayal: Unveiling the Hidden Truth and Standing Up Against Abuse
Shocking Workplace Betrayal: Unveiling the Hidden Truth and Standing Up Against Abuse
Follow the thrilling tale of Samantha and Angelina as they execute a daring revenge plan against their nemesis, Jason. From sneaking into the security room to enlisting the help of an unsuspecting IT employee, the stakes are high as they navigate through obstacles and unexpected twists. Will they succeed in their mission or will their ambitious plan crumble? Discover the suspense and intrigue as the revenge plot unfolds in this gripping tale.

Man kicks colleague for fun - her revenge is priceless

Recently, Angelina had gotten a new colleague, Jason. Unfortunately, it can't be said otherwise, there were problems from the first day. Jason was intrusive and constantly tried to be funny.

But as it goes, not everyone is gifted with humor and wit. Jason's idea of humor was playing mean pranks on his female colleagues, hurting them, and pushing them into embarrassing situations just to laugh at their misfortune. He had been doing this for years. Until Angelina switched into revenge mode!

Making him pay

Angelina knew she had to make Jason pay for what he had done. That fall resulted in her having to go to work in the following days with a black eye. People stared at her everywhere.

So together with her colleague, she planned her revenge. Jason had no idea what would happen to him. Their plan was quite simple. It wouldn't physically harm him in any way, but it would humiliate him throughout the entire company and probably get him fired on the spot.

A straightforward plan

Of course, this would only work if their plan went exactly as they had envisioned. There was a part of their plan that absolutely needed to be carried out. Otherwise, everything would be in vain.

On that day, Angelina arrived at work an hour early to put their plan into action. She was excited but nervous. Today was the day they would finally get rid of Jason. At least, that's what they hoped.


It can be very annoying to work with someone you don't like. That's what happened to Angelina. She had happily worked for the same company for many years. She loved her job and always went to work with a smile on her face.

But everything changed when they hired someone new. The company she worked for had been understaffed for some time, and she was initially glad to finally have someone new onboard.

A new colleague

But her opinion soon changed when she met her new colleague, Jason. She hoped he would be friendly and hardworking, but when she met him, she knew that wasn't the case.

Angelina knew she shouldn't judge someone based on their first encounter, but he made it very difficult for her to like him. In his first week working with her, he made inappropriate comments about her.

Not a nice person

He was always very present and even proudly spoke about his sexist mindset. And then one day, he did something that made Angelina's blood boil. She was showing something to her colleague at the reception when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of her knee.

Jason had actually kicked her. Before Angelina could even comprehend what was happening, she collapsed, fell to the floor, and hit her head on the desk. Her new colleague laughed gleefully.

Not seriously injured

Fortunately, she was not seriously injured, but she had a big bump on her head and a headache for the rest of the day. Jason apologized to Angelina when he saw how hard she had fallen.

But it didn't feel like he was truly sincere in his apology. While he made a concerned face, it almost seemed like he was struggling to hold back a smirk.

Done with him

After that, Angelina was done with Jason. She knew her initial feelings towards him were right and that he didn't belong in that company. She wanted him fired, but she didn't want him to get away without consequences.

No, she wanted him to feel the same pain and discomfort she felt. So Angelina decided that she wanted revenge. She wanted to humiliate Jason in front of everyone.

Thirst for revenge

But Angelina knew she had to be very discreet about it. She didn't want to get fired herself over something so stupid. So she had to really think through her plan. And she couldn't do it alone.

Samantha, the colleague who was with Angelina when the incident occurred, asked Angelina what she wanted to do about Jason. She told her she would support her if she wanted to tell management everything and that she would do anything to get Jason fired. So Angelina told her about her plans.

A bit hesitant

Samantha was a little shocked about what Angelina wanted to do. She knew Jason should be punished for his actions, but wasn't it enough for him to be fired?

But she eventually agreed when Angelina told her they wouldn't cause him any harm. They wouldn't be any better than him if they did. Samantha and Angelina planned to meet on Saturday to discuss what they would do next.

Helping her colleague

Angelina went to Samantha's house, and they spent the weekend discussing their plan. As Monday approached, Angelina couldn't wait to go back to work. This was it!

Angelina walked through the hallways of her office building. She was confident in her plan and couldn't wait to see Jason's face. But she had to be patient. One slip-up, and her entire plan would fail.

Being patient

So for now, she had to put on a good front and act as if nothing was going on. But that wasn't as easy as it sounded. Jason didn't make it easy for Angelina to stay silent.

It almost felt like now that she planned to get rid of him, he was being extra annoying. He always lingered around her desk and asked all sorts of irritating questions.

Not easy

Angelina tried her best to remain neutral but eventually reached her limit. After trying to stay calm all day, Jason finally managed to irritate Angelina to the point where she couldn't take it anymore.

She was just packing up her laptop to go home when he suddenly appeared behind her. "Hey, hi, Angelina!" he shouted directly into her ear at full volume, nearly rupturing her eardrum.

The Last Straw

"I would go home too after last week's terrible fall. You're so clumsy. I wonder why they hired you in the first place," he said with a grin on his face.

For Angelina, that was the last straw. She couldn't hold back her anger any longer. So she did what she had to do. She took a step forward and leaned in close to his ear. "Your days of working here are numbered, Jason.

The Beginning

"Another one of your nasty comments, and I'll make sure you never get a job in this industry again," she whispered. Then she grabbed her handbag and confidently left the building. But that was just the beginning.

Angelina couldn't believe she had just done that. She was never the type to speak up or intimidate anyone. And to her surprise, it felt really good.

Change of Plans

But she knew she couldn't wait until Thursday to start her plan. By standing up for herself, she had just put the plan into action, and there was no turning back.

She immediately called Samantha when she got home to inform her of the change of plans. She could hear Samantha gasp as she told her they had to execute their plan tomorrow. Angelina knew it was incredibly nerve-wracking, she felt it too, but she just hoped Samantha would be able to handle it.


That night, Angelina lay in bed, preparing herself for what would happen tomorrow. It was far outside of her comfort zone, but she knew she had to do it. Otherwise, Jason would maintain this attitude for the rest of his life, and Angelina wanted to prevent him from potentially hurting someone else.

Her plan was fairly simple. It wouldn't physically harm him in any way, but it would humiliate him throughout the entire building and likely get him fired on the spot. But only if their plan went exactly as they had envisioned. There was a part of their plan that absolutely had to be executed. Otherwise, everything would be in vain.

Entering the Office

The next morning, Angelina arrived at her office an hour early. First, she sneaked over to Jason's desk and opened his online calendar. There, she scheduled him to be at an "important meeting" in the main conference room at noon. This was the first step in her plan.

Samantha also made her way to work with a pounding heart. She couldn't believe today was the day. They were finally going to get rid of Jason, but at what cost? Was this the right idea? Her head was filled with doubts, but she knew she couldn't back out anymore. Angelina was relying on her.

Samantha's Role

She arrived at work at 7 am. Normally, her workday started at 9 am, but she had to be there for the security guard shift change. Every day around 7 am, the guards transitioned from the night shift to the day shift. During this transition, the room would be empty for a few minutes, but it was a tight window.

Samantha couldn't be a second late, or one of the guards would spot her. So she arrived thirty minutes before the shift change and simply waited at her desk. She had told the receptionist she wanted to do some extra work to avoid suspicion, and luckily, it worked.

It Was Time

Time flew by as Samantha sat at her desk, staring at the clock. Finally, it was time for her to go to the security room. Just as she arrived, two guards were leaving the room.

As Samantha slipped in through the closing door, she quickly navigated through the room. It was illuminated by the security screens, and Samantha didn't know where to look.

She had to be fast

But she knew she had to be fast. Within two minutes, she was in and out of the room, hearing the guards returning as she casually made her way back to her desk.

She called Angelina and informed her that the first phase of the revenge plan had succeeded. She could hear the excitement in Angelina's voice as she told Samantha how proud she was of her.

Passing it on

This whole plan of getting Jason fired had felt surreal to Samantha, but hearing those words from Angelina made it suddenly real. Samantha went to Angelina's desk and handed her what she had stolen from the security room.

Her part was done, but the plan was not yet fully executed. It was now up to Angelina to make sure everything fell into place. But it would prove to be more challenging than she had anticipated.

The next step

Angelina smiled as she brought the item to the IT guy. This next step was somewhat tricky, as she had to convince someone to risk their job for her, even though they had nothing to do with it.

Angelina knew it would be a tough negotiation, but she had to give it a try. The IT guy listened to Angelina's story and how she wanted revenge.

The IT guy

After she finished talking, he remained silent for a few minutes, leaving Angelina with nervous butterflies in her stomach. Then, just as she thought he would never agree to her demand, he simply said, "I'll do it."

As Angelina proudly left the IT office, she couldn't believe she had done it. There was truly no turning back now. It felt like nothing could go wrong from here, but she couldn't have been more mistaken. Because as the clock struck 9 am, Jason was still not in the office.

Where is Jason?

Angelina watched his office like a hawk, not understanding why he hadn't shown up for work yet. Was he sick? Did he have a meeting? It just didn't make any sense. She had checked his schedule this morning, and there was nothing on it for the morning. Was he onto them?

She feared that yesterday's little intimidation showdown could jeopardize their entire plan. Maybe he had realized that they were about to take action very soon.

Something Was Wrong

Perhaps Jason had decided to work from home on this particular day. Angelina had to tell Samantha, so she quickly went to her desk.

Samantha was working as usual, expecting Angelina to do the same, but when she suddenly appeared at her desk, she knew something was off. Angelina explained that Jason had not arrived yet; he was almost an hour late now.

Concerned about their plan

They could cancel the operation for today and try again tomorrow, but it wouldn't take long for the security personnel to realize something was missing from their files.

And the IT employee wouldn't be available the next day, so they would have to convince someone else once again. Angelina felt her heart racing and sweat collecting under her armpits.

A stressful moment

They had worked so hard to make this work, and now everything could fall apart. She was about to return to her desk to think when she heard a familiar voice from behind.

"Hello, ladies! No time for a shower this morning?" It was Jason, casually walking in as if he hadn't been late at all. Angelina and Samantha both ignored his rude remark and watched him go into his office.

He has arrived

For their plan, it was crucial that he didn't question the "important meeting" scheduled for this afternoon. If he were to ask his assistant about it, she would have no idea what he was talking about, and he would definitely wonder who had put it there.

But luckily for them, he didn't even care about the agenda. He simply started working and closed his door to avoid being disturbed. Samantha and Angelina both sighed with relief.

Out of their hands

The first part of their plan was a success. Now all they had to do was wait and hope the IT employee would come through. It was a nerve-wracking day, especially because the rest was out of their hands. Finally, it was time for the "important meeting."

Angelina watched as Jason closed his laptop and prepared to go into the conference room. He had no idea what was about to happen, or else he would never have gone there.

Going exactly as planned

Angelina couldn't believe he was walking right into their trap. It seemed too easy. She looked over at Samantha's desk, who also noticed Jason leaving his office.

He was right on schedule, and it wouldn't be long until the big finale. Angelina and Samantha grinned from behind their desks. They couldn't wait to see Jason's shocked or embarrassed expression.

What were they hoping for?

They would clearly know if their plan had gone as planned because there would be an obvious sign. They expected or hoped to hear a scream, followed by Jason rushing out of the conference room and heading straight towards Angelina.

She would then pretend to know nothing about it, and even her boss would join them. But as they waited, they realized it was taking longer than planned. They wondered if something had gone wrong.

Couldn't Bear the Uncertainty

Perhaps Jason didn't care, or maybe the IT guy messed up. Angelina couldn't bear the uncertainty and tension any longer, so she casually stood up and headed to the IT department.

On her way to the IT department, she passed by the conference room, where she saw Jason sitting at the table with his folder in front of him. He glanced at the clock, clearly waiting for someone, just as planned. So the problem clearly lied in the IT department.

Where was the guy?

When she arrived at the IT department, Angelina immediately knew what was going on. The man who had promised to help her was not there. In fact, nobody was there. She walked in and closed the door behind her. If nobody was there, she thought that she had to be the one to step in.

Fortunately, the IT employee had already set everything up. He was probably just about to hit the play button when he was called away from his desk. Angelina sighed. This was the final moment. She could still back down. Her finger hovered over the play button as she hesitated slightly.

She pressed play

But then, she recalled all the snide comments, rude remarks, and other insults she had suffered from Jason. Fueled by anger, she hesitated no longer.

She took one last deep breath and pressed play. After that, she quickly left the room and hurried back to her desk. What happened next seemed to unfold in slow motion.

Slow motion

As Angelina rushed past the conference room to return to her desk, she heard the bewildered sounds of Jason watching himself kick Angelina on the screen. She heard murmurs in the hallway and gasps from behind her colleagues' desks as they watched.

You see, Jason wasn't the only one watching the footage. The IT guy had made sure that the same footage of Jason kicking Angelina was playing on all the TV screens throughout the entire building.

Everyone knew it

There was no escaping his abuse anymore, and now everyone knew. And I mean everyone. The footage was even playing on the boss's private TV screen in his office and on the TV hanging on the wall in the HR department.

Everyone who mattered in the company, and even those who had nothing to do with it, knew what Angelina had been through. Now it was up to them to decide what to do about it.

Storming out of the room

As if they had foreseen the future, Jason stormed out of the conference room and rushed to Angelina's desk. His expression changed as he realized that everyone had seen the footage with him, and his anger suddenly turned into shame.

When he reached Angelina's desk, she already knew what she would say. He yelled at her and ordered her to stop it, but Angelina insisted that she had nothing to do with it.

They supported her

She looked at the colleague sitting next to her, hoping she would play along, and she did. "Angelina has been here the whole time, Jason. She hasn't left her desk even once," the colleague said.

Angelina smiled as she turned her head back to Jason. She gave him a confident smile and watched as his tyrant behavior transformed into the role of a victim. Suddenly, he wasn't as tough anymore.

A Conversation

Shortly after, the boss and the HR manager arrived. They requested to speak privately with Angelina and Jason. Meanwhile, the footage continued to loop.

The HR manager, a middle-aged man named Gerard, ordered one of his men to go to the HR department and stop the footage. Angelina hoped that the IT guy wouldn't betray her.

Claimed it was a forgery

Once they were alone, Jason immediately started complaining about the footage. He claimed that something had been planted on him and that the footage was obviously doctored. Angelina couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She assured Gerard that the attack had indeed happened. She had been there herself, enduring the whole ordeal. Gerard tried to defuse the situation, but Jason just wouldn't let it go.

His true colors

He yelled at Angelina, revealing his true colors. "Do you think you can threaten me and then pull something like this the next day?!" he shouted, pointing his finger directly at her face. "You'll pay for this."

"Okay, okay, you two. I've heard enough," Gerard said, pushing Jason back. He asked both of them to sit down and calmly asked Angelina if she knew that this incident was going to happen.

Bring in the IT guy

But Angelina maintained her innocence, claiming that she didn't even know the ordeal was being filmed in the first place. Soon after, the IT employee entered the room.

He looked at Angelina, who suddenly feared for her job. The IT guy could probably see the fear in her eyes and smiled reassuringly. He stood between Jason and Angelina, waiting for Gerard to say something.

He protected her

"So, Tom. Where did you get the tape from?" Gerard asked. "Well..." Tom began. "I didn't receive it from anyone. I didn't even know what was on it." "Then why did you play it on all the TVs at exactly the right time?"

"The cassette suddenly appeared with a note on my desk, I swear!" Gerard sighed. He knew that there was only one person to blame for this, and it was Jason.

Only one to blame

Jason was the one who viciously kicked Angelina, clearly shown in the footage. Gerard had one more question for Angelina, why she didn't report the incident right after it happened.

Angelina had considered reporting it, but she feared that nobody would take her seriously. His abuse had started a long time ago, and she always thought that the HR department must have known, but she simply didn't care anymore.

Fired on the spot

Gerard was saddened to hear that his team had let Angelina down but promised to do better in the future. He immediately fired Jason and told him to leave right away.

He also made it clear that he wouldn't provide a reference for any future job and that Jason needed to change his behavior if he ever wanted to succeed in the business world. Jason resisted, but ultimately knew he had lost this battle the moment the footage was played.

The end

Angelina was given a warning before being dismissed, although she claimed to have had nothing to do with it, Gerard knew deep down that she did. But he also knew that he didn't want to cause her any more trouble than Jason already had.

Angelina was praised by all her colleagues, and the company soon filled Jason's position with a new hire. This time, the HR team made sure to find a team player and ultimately hired a woman for the position.



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