Hilarious Video of Jealous Golden Retriever's Reaction to Owner's Plush 'Rival' Goes Viral
Hilarious Video of Jealous Golden Retriever's Reaction to Owner's Plush 'Rival' Goes Viral
Watch the heartwarming and hilarious video of Sterling the Golden Retriever's adorable fit of jealousy when he sees his owner cuddling a plush toy 'rival.' This viral video captures the funny and relatable moments of pet jealousy and reminds us of the strong bonds we share with our furry friends. Don't miss out on this entertaining display of canine emotions that has taken the internet by storm!

Jealous Golden Retriever's Hilarious Reaction to Owner's Plush 'Rival'


Jealousy is not limited to humans; animals can also experience it. A recent viral video captured the adorable Golden Retriever, Sterling, having a fit of jealousy when he saw his owner, Tyler Newton, hugging a plush toy "rival." This heartwarming and hilarious scene was quickly shared on Instagram by Tyler's mother, amassing over 306,000 views and 650 comments. In this article, we will delve into Sterling's endearing reaction and explore the broader topic of jealousy in pets.

Sterling the Golden Retriever

Being a two-year-old Golden Retriever, Sterling embodies the affectionate nature and strong bond that these dogs have with their human companions. Golden Retrievers are widely recognized for their family-friendly disposition, known for being friendly and loyal. However, as the viral video showcased, even the sweetest of dogs can experience bouts of jealousy when they perceive a threat to their special bond with their owners.

The Viral Video

The video begins with Tyler Newton holding a harmless plush toy in his arms, affectionately referred to as the "rival." The plush toy poses no actual threat to Sterling's position as the beloved pet in the house. As Tyler cuddles the plush toy while sitting on the couch, Sterling immediately notices the display of affection between his owner and the cuddly "intruder."

Sterling's Reaction

Sterling's reaction is nothing short of pure comedy. The jealous pup couldn't contain his emotions, making it evident that he wanted all the attention for himself. He fixates his eyes on Tyler and the plush "rival," conveying a mix of jealousy and concern. As the video progresses, Sterling's emotions reach their peak. He attempts to push the plush toy away and even squeezes himself between Tyler and the "rival," demanding to be the center of attention.

The Hilarious Aftermath

Tyler's mother manages to capture the entire episode, and the video quickly goes viral on Instagram. Sterling's adorable reaction charms viewers, who can't help but relate to the humorous display of canine jealousy. The comments range from "That's really funny!" to "It looks just like something that would happen in my home." Many pet owners understand that animals can be possessive when it comes to their owners' attention.

Jealousy in Pets

Jealousy is not exclusive to humans; various animal species, including cats, birds, and horses, can experience jealousy. It often arises when they sense a threat to their bond with their human caregivers or perceive a loss of attention. Jealousy can manifest in various ways, such as sulking, vocalizing, or, in Sterling's case, physically intervening in the situation.

Pet owners should recognize these emotions and take steps to ensure their pets feel secure and loved. Failure to address jealousy appropriately can lead to behavioral issues. Maintaining balance and providing equal affection and attention to all pets in a household is crucial to prevent jealousy from becoming a problem.


Sterling's endearing reaction to his owner hugging a plush toy highlights that animals, much like humans, can experience jealousy. This viral video serves as a reminder of the strong bonds we share with our pets and the importance of understanding and addressing their emotional needs. While Sterling's jealousy outburst is undeniably comical, it also emphasizes the significance of responsible pet ownership and ensuring that all furry family members receive the love and attention they deserve. Ultimately, Sterling's moment of jealousy serves as a heartwarming and amusing example of the unique connections we have with our beloved pets.




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