Unbeknownst to Them: Family Raises Dangerous Bear as Pet
Unbeknownst to Them: Family Raises Dangerous Bear as Pet
In a shocking turn of events, a family unknowingly raises an Asian brown bear as a pet for two years. Despite the risks involved, the bear, named Little Black, finds safety and happiness in a wildlife sanctuary. This captivating story sheds light on the phenomenon of mistaken pet identities and raises questions about the responsibility of exotic animal ownership.

Family Adopts Dog, Veterinarian Calls the Police

As she looked at the two-year-old dog, she realized that something was not right. She couldn't ignore it any longer...

A Realization

When she saw the two-year-old dog, something seemed off. She had realized that something extraordinary had happened and now she had to come to terms with it. There was no way to ignore it anymore.

At first, she had tried to ignore the whole thing, but now she was faced with accepting the truth - even though it was already too late. Su Yun knew she was in trouble. The police would soon be knocking on her door.

Completely Unprepared

Su Yun thought she knew what she was getting into. She had done her research, read all the reports on the topic, and investigated exotic dog breeds. She had made all the necessary purchases.

She had a dog bed, a collar, shampoo, and even an engraved dog tag. She thought she was ready for this task. However, when the dog grew beyond all expectations, she became worried. Then something unimaginable happened.


It all started innocently enough. Su Yun lived in Kunming City, China, with her two children and her husband. The hardworking mother felt the pressure - she had to juggle family life and a job.

In reality, it was about time for a break, a vacation seemed just right. However, Su Yun was not aware that fate had a surprise in store for her that she couldn't prepare for.


Their bags were packed, they were ready for their trip across Asia. The whole family was about to embark on a journey that would change their entire lives forever. However, they had no idea about it yet.

In just two years, they would make a mistake that would bring them into the media spotlight. Just a few days after their arrival, the family stumbled upon a litter of puppies. What would they do with them?

Meant to Be?

Seeing these cute little creatures, the kids begged their parents for a big favor. Although Su Yun and her husband had talked about adopting a dog before, they hadn't expected to come across puppies by chance right now.

Maybe it was meant to be, Su thought as she petted one of the pups. The family wasn't aware yet of the consequences this decision would bring.

A Little Black Dog

The man who sold the Yuns their little new dog gave them a warning just before handing the animal over to them. He mentioned that Tibetan Mastiffs were known to grow particularly large when fully grown.

The Yuns were delighted with their new family member and named him "Little Black". This little creature would later become a huge problem.

Building a Connection

The family felt a special connection with the new dog, who grew a little bigger every day, and soon it was time to return to Kunming City – of course, with their new family member.

Although the climate in Kunming City was warm enough to let the dogs sleep outside, the Yuns decided that Little Black should be close by. It didn't take long for the family to notice something strange.

A Unique Taste

Su Yun thought there was something particularly strange about the dog. No matter what kind or how much dog food she tried to give him, he wouldn't touch it. The only foods he eagerly ate were noodles and fruits.

Su had to adjust to this characteristic. She had never had a dog before, but she had also never heard of this behavior from friends. Soon, the dog would need enormous amounts of food.


Every day, Little Black would devour a whole crate of mixed fruits and two buckets of noodles... and his appetite didn't seem to decrease! By the time Little Black turned one year old, Su Yun had already spent a fortune on the dog.

Apart from the unusual preference for noodles and fruits, the family began to wonder about other things. They never thought that one day they would have to face legal consequences.

An Enormous Dog

Although Su Yun had expected Little Black to grow into a powerful animal, she was not prepared for how big the dog actually became. Within just two years, Little Black was three feet tall and weighed a whopping 250 pounds –

much larger than the seller had anticipated. One day, Su Yun saw Little Black doing something so shocking that she had to take action. Little Black was causing a commotion in the kitchen.

Disturbing Behavior

Su Yun entered the kitchen and saw Little Black standing on his hind legs. Su had never seen a dog behave like a human, without ever having learned a trick or received a reward. This was simply different.

It was the moment when she realized that something was seriously wrong with the dog. She began to fear her own family member. What if the dog suddenly became dangerous?

Building Fear

The animal grew so rapidly that the family began to fear their own family member. As a puppy, they had not been able to anticipate certain traits, such as the size of its teeth.

Little Black now constantly stood on its hind legs and walked around for hours. With its size and huge teeth, it was terrifying to be near it. Su Yun hoped that the animal would soon reach adulthood.

Taking It Outside

Su Yun tried to confront and overcome her fears. Little Black had gained quite a reputation in the neighborhood. Taking the enormous dog for a walk was a task and responsibility in itself.

Soon, he was too big to even stay in the house. The family built a doghouse for him, and now he had to sleep outdoors. Of course, the problems would not vanish just because he was banished from the house.

Not Normal

Little Black had officially become an outdoor dog. Su Yun expected him to behave accordingly. One would think that his natural instinct would be to protect the house – barking at anyone who passed by.

But that didn't happen either. Now Su Yun had to ponder further because the only sound the animal had ever made was a growl. It dawned on her that she may have made a huge mistake.

Doubts Arise

The bigger Little Black grew, the greater Su Yun's fears became. Something didn't add up. She started researching Tibetan Mastiffs – studying their behavior and what she read on the internet only fueled her fears.

She posted a photo of Little Black online, and a veterinarian on a forum informed her that she needed to call the police. What was going on? Had Su Yun completely misjudged the animal?

Discovering the Truth

Little Black was actually an enormous brown bear! The veterinarian explained to Su Yun that it wasn't a normal brown bear – it was an Asian brown bear, also known as the Tibetan bear or Himalayan bear.

These bears could reach a height of six feet, weighing a whopping 440 pounds! Then she received information that made her heart skip a beat. She needed urgent help!

Seeking Help

The laws in China prohibited her from keeping any type of bear as a pet at home – anyone who violated these rules would end up in prison! Su Yun was in a precarious situation. As much as she loved Little Black,

she realized they had to part ways. What if the animal suddenly became aggressive? Then her children would be in danger too. In her fear, she wanted to do something to avoid involving the authorities. She called the local zoo.

No Alternative

Unfortunately, the local zoo refused to take in Little Black because he had no documentation. Furthermore, the family had brought the animal back from their vacation and couldn't contact the man who sold them Little Black.

Su Yun had no other option. She had to face the consequences and decided to call the police. Little did she know that the police were already on their way to address the situation.

The Police Arrive

Within an hour, the police arrived at her house – they even brought an expert with them. The veterinarian from the internet forum had already notified the police, and now Su Yun had to explain herself.

She described the problem she was facing and tried to cooperate with the police as best she could. She provided them with all the information she had. Little Black would need to find a new home, but what consequences would she have to face?


"The bigger Little Black grew, the more he looked like a bear," Su Yun explained. Then she had to admit that she was indeed afraid of him. The police gathered all the information they could from Su Yun.

Wildlife authorities started to examine the bear carefully. They tried to determine if the animal had ever been injured or malnourished. Meanwhile, Su Yun anxiously waited for their verdict.

Healthy and Happy

The authorities confirmed that Little Black was extremely well-nourished and in overall good health. They would now sedate him so that they could transfer him to a local wildlife center.

When they arrived there, the experts were almost speechless – Su Yun had actually raised a dangerous Asian brown bear at her home! It didn't take long for the media to catch wind of the story.

A Media Sensation

The biggest question everyone wanted an answer to was how Su Yun and her entire family had failed to realize that they didn't have a "puppy" at home, but a dangerous wild animal? This was hard to comprehend.

It didn't take long for National Geographic to report on this fascinating story – the family became an overnight sensation. All eyes were on them, and Su Yun was aware that she might end up in prison.

More Common Than Expected

With all the media attention and public opinion, something unexpected happened. People started sharing their own stories, mostly about pets that turned out to be completely different animals.

National Geographic also mentioned that this occurs much more frequently than originally believed. Would this help Su Yun in her situation, or would she have to pay for her drastic mistake?

Cooperating with Authorities

Fortunately, Su Yun had decided to cooperate with the authorities. She held the key to resolving the entire situation, even if it meant facing the consequences.

She portrayed the situation as unexpected and unintentional – it was truly a misinterpretation of the animal's identity. After all, a man had sold them Little Black, referring to him as a Tibetan Mastiff.

Safe and Happy

Su Yun wasn't sentenced to prison, even though she had indeed kept an Asian brown bear at home. Little Black was allowed to move to a wildlife sanctuary, which ultimately was the best decision for the family.

They missed the animal they had cared for for two years, but the story had a happy ending: Little Black still lives in the sanctuary today and is now in capable, caring hands.




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